We’re pleased to ring in the new year by welcoming a few new additions!

Vanessa Marle joins us as Account Director on Ster-Kinekor and a smattering of SAB products. She’ll be working with the lovely Lisa Ganamfana, who some of you may already have met.

Jonathan Chipps, fresh from Vega, joins Nick’s team working on Castle and Grandslots. They can be found most days drinking and gambling.

Elane Goosen is our new head of all things wordy, and is a much needed addition to the creative studio. Before now Roger and I have been writing all our own copy, using Crayola crayons.


As we all prepared for a festive season filled with lazy days in the company of family and friends, we realised just how fortunate we were. And we also realised that we should do something to spread some festive cheer – but not in the predictable “Happy Holidays” card to our clients and suppliers sort of way. No, we thought we’d do things a little different this year. Instead of spending a fortune on client Christmas cards that would most probably end up in the bin before the New Year, we decided to cheer up those who won’t be spending their holidays with family, those who really could do with some pampering.

So we took all the money we had budgeted for Christmas greetings and spent it on treats for street children and orphans across Cape Town, working closely with the “From Kids, to Kids” charity.

The smiles were brighter than the brightest star on a Christmas tree and the hugs warmer than Santa’s furry coat.

We left with tears and smiles and the knowledge that, instead of rummaging through bins filled with discarded Christmas cards, this year, these little ones will enjoy the true meaning of “happy holidays”.


The Online Publishers Association SA recently commissioned our Head of Digital Activation, Andrea Mitchell, to compile a guide to online marketing in South Africa.

Download this useful and informative guide here


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