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In yet another BMW / thirtyfour first, BMW has become the launch sponsor of Mail& Guardian’s podcast, launched November ’06.

‘Podcasting’ (a derivative from the words ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcasting’) describes the technology used to push audio content from web sites to listeners via the internet. Typically, podcasts are listened to on iPods or other audio players that support mp3. Podcasts allow users to listen to what they want, when they want, without having to go to a specific site to download it.

Comments Andrea Mitchell, Digital Director of brand activation agency, thirtyfour, “the convergence of internet and radio is but one of many examples of the way marketing is becoming more and more integrated. By analysing the ROI on previous campaigns we have run on behalf of BMW on the Mail & Guardian web site, it was clear that the Mail & Guardian audience is very receptive to BMW offers. Working with BMW on such initiatives enables us to ensure that their message of innovation is consistently harnessed through new and exciting channels.”

Mail & Guardian’s podcast, called Between the Pages, looks at the major news stories in the Mail & Guardian newspaper and the Mail & Guardian Online, interviewing the editors and journalists behind the week’s stories.

Readers can listen to the broadcast by visiting



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