Some interesting things popping up on the blogs lately… Some old some new, but some interesting ideas!

Wrigley’s chewing gum, now with tooth whitener… Stickers placed on the bottom of Starbucks coffee cups… (BBDO)

Skin Cancer awareness… A billboard painted on a building with paint that fades over a couple of days…

Nice little billboard idea for what seems to be a German power company?

A weird one… A newspaper did their whole edition one day, without any pictures! You had to mms a number, and they would send you the pic… Odd, and I’m sure nobody would do it, particularly here where costs would be involved, but there must be other areas to use this idea?

Nice little Max Factor Billboard, showing how other mascaras run… Put up days before a rainstorm… Or near a sprinkler… (Leo Burnett)

Unusual Underwater billboard for children drowning found at public pools…