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In a evaluation of 200 check points, FM has announced the top corporate websites. The evaluation was conducted on the top 100 JSE listed companies. Companies listed on the JSE and AltX which fell outside the Top 100 were also invited. However, out of a potential of 50 entrants, only 5 applied.

Ranked on 200 different criteria, including technical quality, usability and response times to online queries. What emerged, whilst that some are getting it right, usability appears to be the biggest down side with reports on navigation issues or simply being unable to conclude a full transaction in an online environment. In the investor relations segment, the average score (out of 100), was 46,23. With commerce at just 32,56 with recruitment lagging behind with a dismal 19,23.

BHP Hilton emerged the leader, followed by Coronation Fund Managers in second place and Nedbank Group in third place. See the full list of the top 30

Clearly, these large corporates are not paying enough attention to the potential that their web presence offers, and in a world of increasing connectivity, best they move quickly …


Is it an iPod, is it a phone? It is this, and much more. This sexy phone/music player/mini desktop claims to have delivered “the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse”. What is certainly different, is the touch-screen technology. Simply point at the name or number in your address book to make a call. Other nifty features are built-in sensors, like one that detects which way the phone is being held, and then adapts to portrait or landscape display accordingly.

Apple iPhone Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Edge, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and GSM.

Will this entry into the mobile market match the success of iPod? Many seem to think so, and there are certainly a few people in near vicinity who can’t wait for it to hit the shores of SA!

Find out more from Apple

2007 Wisdom MarketingSherpa today released its 2007 Wisdom Report, featuring 110 real-life stories and tips from marketers and agencies around the world. From email marketing to blogs, podcasts and social networks, this is a must read.

We’re also proud to note that BMW South Africa cracked the nod in this global publication, to mention how You Tube performed from a branding perspective when a TV ad was posted. We’re even more proud though, to note that our dear client realises too the importance of lead generation.

Download your complimentary copy here


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