2006 wrap-ups and 2007 predictions … everyone who believes they’re worth a pinch of salt is having a say. Our prediction for 2007 – brands will not decide – YOU, the consumer, will.

time1.jpg Time named person of the year – YOU.

adage.jpg In another interesting announcement, AdAge announced ad agency of the year as – the consumer.

What IS clear amongst the thousands of predictions made, is that there is one pivotal tool driving the shift in advertising consumption that demands a full-blown rethink on brand strategy – the world wide web. We have always known that a brand is only as good as a consumer’s experience with it. Today, thanks to good ol’ technology, these consumers have a far louder and far-reaching voice than ever before, having at their fingertips many ways to share these experiences – good and bad. For those who still scoff at online strategies, it’s almost too late to think again. Millions of people are sharing their experiences of your brand. How are you involving them?