Nielsen//NetRatings has released a survey indicating a strong correlation between wealth and sport in SA’s online market for users earning a household income in excess of R400k per annum.

Alex Burmaster, Nielsen/NetRatings Internet analyst, says: “Few other domestic online markets exhibit such a correlation between wealth and sport as the South African market does. While financial and business sites are common internationally among those attracting the wealthiest households, sport doesn’t feature to nearly the degree it does in SA.” He stated that in the UK, for example, not one of the 20 most popular sites with highest-income households has anything to do with sport, while SA has 12 in the top 20.

Arthur Goldstuck, MD of South African Internet market research company World Wide Worx indicates however that whilst it may seem sport dominates wealthy online user usage, the titles are rather leisure related than sport. Reviewing the list of titles, we are inclined to agree.

Online brands with the greatest affinity of R400 000+ income households

Moneyweb tops the chart of access by SA’s online users whose household income exceeds R400k per annum, claiming 39% of this market. Runners World comes in tie second with Golf Digest at 35%. It must be kept in mind however, that this is only representative of OPA member sites and not the entire SA online population.

Although SA’s web access has historically been dominated by the wealthy, this trends is shifting as access becomes more affordable. 77% of online users have a household income of less than R400k per annum, clearly reinforcing that the web is steadily becoming more accessible to the masses.

Compositon of the South African Internet population by household income